About Us

ArchiMedia Advantage Inc. is a strategic network of specialty education companies for the development and advancement of Actuaries and the actuarial profession. This alliance enables customers to expand their knowledge, skills, and ultimately heighten the overall value of an Actuary through their academic and professional journey. Our educational platforms and products give customers the advantage of superior tools and deeper comprehension to achieve maximum success.


The ArchiMedia Advantage lies in the depth of knowledge and the quality of the material we host. As a company focused on promoting the field of Actuarial Science, we believe it is important to offer a variety of content with varying perspectives. We work closely with students, professors, universities, corporations, and traditional publishers to design, develop, and curate customized solutions that leverage the content.

Hello World!

My name is Nancy Stevenson, and I am President of ArchiMedia Advantage, Inc. For the past twenty years, I have been supporting the actuarial profession, students and experienced actuaries.

Some fun facts about me: